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Confirm Consent for any Encounter or Agreement
between parties for all your encounters, 
e.g., before engaging in,
a sexual encounter.
This app can be used to protect
sexual partners; business agreements;
or any relationship you want to confirm.

About Consensual Encounter

Consensual Encounter was designed and implemented by a team of
Business Persons, University Professors, College Students, Lawyers, and Software People.
The idea was to create an easy, and always available, method to confirm consent
between parties for almost any type of verbal agreement in almost any environment.

Powerful Features
Choose single or multiple categories to describe the type of encounter.
Powerful Features
Record video, audio, and/or phone call(s) between you and any number of parties participating in the session (encounter).
Powerful Features
Your partner(s) says “yes”. At this point, “evidence of consent” (the Session) is stored in your account. The app records your phone’s location, the date and time. The app transmits an encrypted package of account information, all recordings, and the audio, location and time and date information to a cloud server. Once the app successfully sends the evidence of consent to the cloud, it archives that evidence on your phone. At the end of the process, evidence of consent now exists only in an encrypted session along with separately encrypted recordings.

Awesome Features

Any Number of Participants
Your Session (Encounter) is encrypted and archived with your unique session name.  Any number of participants can be recorded.
Record Multiple ways
Record multiple ways: Audio; Video; Phone.
For example, Record audio for 1 partner, video for 3 others, and a phone call for 5th participant.
All recordings a bundled together in the session and archived to the cloud.
Multiple Categories
Create any number of different categories representing your kinds of encounters. Then for each session, choose 1 or multiple categories for the encounter. Even describe something unique about this encounter.
Check the Law
Check the Law regarding "age of consent" in your location.

The Consensual Encounter™ App and Privacy Policy

Welcome to ConsensualEncounter.com and users of our App,
“Consensual Encounter”

Some Scenarios

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Are you swimming in a sea of sharks?

Protect yourself with Consensual Encounter

Here are some of the ways you can use our app:


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Are you loaning a friend money?

Record the amount of the loan, the terms and acceptance of the loan by both of you with our video recording capabilities.

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Are you going into business?

Before the contracts are drawn up and signed,

record the terms of the new business

and protect all of the partners

This can be done in person and/or

- with our ability - record a phone conversation while it is taking place

This can be used again and again to clarify terms of the agreements

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New girlfriend/boyfriend?

When you plan to have a romantic encounter,

record the acceptance by both (all) parties by video and or audio

protecting yourself from remorse later.

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A Romantic
Consensual Encounter


Clients Review

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  • 3 Sessions (Encounters)
  • Cloud storage 1GB
  • Preferences fixed
  • You may upgrade to full Pro without loss

Video Description

Watch a couple using the Consensual Encounter mobile app confirming consent for a sexual encounter

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Download the Consensual Encounter App from the Google Play Store.
The IOS version will be available in the coming weeks,

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